The Best Event Security Service in New York

Why is security crucial in any event? Current criminal attacks in New York and other areas have proved why event security and safety planning are important in any function. If you are planning any event that is likely to attract a large number of people, it is vital you hire a company specializing in event security. Our company Sentinel Management Group Inc is the top event security service provider in New York and among the best security companies in the whole country.

Here at Sentinel Management Group Inc, we specialize in offering security services for special functions or events in the entire New York Area. We take great pride in providing only the best solutions for your security needs.

The Best Event Security Service for all Functions and Venues in New York

Whether you are planning a small event or a large party with hundreds of guests, here at Sentinel Management Group Inc we have the manpower and expertise to professionally and efficiently take proper care of your function. Our security guards are well-trained and experienced to tackle your security requirements accordingly.

We provide a plethora of services including event security, guard services, monitoring and surveillance, fire watch and emergency action plan, security equipment maintenance, cooperate security assessment, and executive and VIP protection among others.

Public Event Security

Founded in 2003, Sentinel Management Group Inc has been offering security services for more than 15 years. Regardless of the area you want security in New York, here at Sentinel Management Group Inc we have the professionalism and manpower to keep your event’s workers and attendees safe.

Our security team is well-trained and experienced to know what should be done to prevent dangerous circumstances from happening in your event.

Private Event Security

Here at Sentinel Management Group Inc, we don’t just offer public security solutions. We also provide private security services. We can offer security for any function or event, regardless of how large it is or where it’s located in New York. No matter what kind of event you are having, our security experts know how to handle any emergency situation that is likely to put your guests at risk quickly.

Why we are the Perfect Option for your Security Needs

Depending on your kind of event, our officers will either arrive in uniform or in regular clothes. When you choose us to cover your private or public event, we guarantee all our security officers will conduct themselves in an expertise way. With us, you are promised to get unparalleled awareness, safety and security.

Quick Response Time

Here at Sentinel Management Group Inc, our team is professionally trained to respond to any emergency in a speedy and effective way. Our customer support is available 24/7 and will take care of all your security questions or needs any time you wish. Give us a call today and get quality management from the leading event security service in the entire New York Area.

Unbeatable Low Prices

Though our goal is to provide the best security solutions for any event, we ensure we give our esteemed clients competitive prices that suit their budget needs. Call, text or email us now and get free estimates on all the security services we provide.

Why You Require to Carry Out Home Inspection Before You Buy

Sometimes, getting the best excitement to buy a new home and everyday tasks can appease your spirit. However, these everyday tasks, such as conducting a home inspection before buying, are very important and can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heart pain. It is a cause for concern that many people decide to forego this inspection to save time or save money, which is a big mistake.


Here are five reasons why you need to have a pre-purchase home

1. The structural state of the property

Of course, whenever you buy a property, you want to know that it is structurally sound. Some structural problems are more serious than others, but in the worst case, the building can collapse, putting you and others at risk. You must consider the smallest problems to make informed decisions and decisions about the property.

Another equally important factor is ensuring that the property complies with all building codes and standards in Australia. Homes and commercial buildings must meet these standards if modifications are not costly or even demolition may be the result.

2. Find out how much it will cost

The fact that some problems have been raised does not mean that you will not buy the property, but that you have to take into account what it is and how much it will cost you appropriately. You can use these as a trading chip when talking about prices. To strengthen your position, always use professionals to obtain quotes and use a professional company to perform a home inspection before buying. The opinion of “mate” has little influence in any commercial transaction.

3. Check electricity, security systems, and fire alarms

New homes may suffer from electrical wiring problems, but this is quite common in older properties. Getting these problems can be expensive, but more importantly, it can be fatal. Safety systems and fire alarms must also be installed, and it is important to verify that they are in good working order.

4. Any security problem?

If you buy a family home, one of the basic things you need is to be sure. There are many things that a qualified building inspector will look for, such as cracks in walls, missing handrails, asbestos, or other hazardous materials. Once again, knowing these problems will help you make an informed decision about buying a house.

5. Do not forget the outside areas

A complete inspection of the building before the purchase will take into account many other factors, not just the property itself. Diversified structures, such as separate garages, sheds, and even patios, should be free of problems.

Building regulations, which can vary from state to state, also control where buildings can be built. If something is illegal, it can cost you thousands in the future. This is something that you should be familiar with at the beginning and not something that raises its ugly head after a few years.


Canceling a pre-construction inspection can cost you thousands of dollars. For a small fee, you can save yourself a lot of pain and sadness by not mentioning the money. Sure, this is something worth the small expenses? A Better Home Inspection assisted us with this article.